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USA Taekwondo's Kihap! is the most effective place for your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to be seen by the teams running USA Taekwondo. This site allows you to suggest ideas and improvements, and to vote on ideas that others have submitted. 

Of course, your great ideas do take time to develop and deploy, but we'll be sure to update entries here when we do announce or implement an idea that was shaped by the Kihap! community.

To get started, choose the category that best fits your idea from the menu on the right of this page and get typing! It might start a discussion amongst fellow members, prompt a response from USAT staff or spark a flood of votes that show clearly your idea is nothing short of genius! 

Don't keep it to yourself and grumble when it doesn't happen, share it and let's make USA Taekwondo better together! 

You can also ask for help or ask a question using the 'Contact Support' option on the right hand side of the page - a USA Taekwondo staff member will respond directly as soon as possible! 

We aim to respond to all 'Contact Support' queries submitted through this site or via emails sent to WITHIN 24 HOURS* so please use this facility whenever possible - it would greatly help our small but hard-working team to assist you more efficiently. 

Of course we will still respond to enquiries through traditional means, but this is your most efficient route to a reply. We will publish our average response times on a monthly basis, so you can see how we are doing! 

Thank you for visiting and for helping to improve USA Taekwondo for members everywhere! We are excited and look forward to building a great relationship with you all through this site!

*During business hours. Enquiries submitted on Friday, Saturday or Sunday may not receive a response until the next working day

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